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Osteoarthritis is presently one of the leading causes of disability, especially in older adults. OA affects the knee more frequently than any other joint. Knee replacement is always the available surgical option, but it is costly, and you will need time to recover. As an alternative option, the Knee Injections of platelet-rich plasma [ ฉีด เกล็ด เลือด รักษา เข่า เสื่อม, which is the term in Thai] have become the novel treatment for managing the pain. In fact, researchers are suggesting that the injection can be your primary choice of treatment. 

How does it work

There are growth factors present in the platelets of our blood. According to the scientists., injecting the PRP growth factors from your own blood into the damaged area (most commonly, the knee joint) will encourage the tissues to repair themselves and stimulate the formation of new healthy cells. 

  • Control in pain levels

On comparing with the placebos, PRP injections have a significant role in the reduction of the pain scores of the patients on each follow-up appointment.

  • Improved physical function

If you opt for a surgical procedure to treat OA, you won’t get any additional functional improvement in the health system. But with the Knee Injections of platelet-rich plasma you can actually notice an overall improvement in the health functions.

  • No risk of disease transfer

As PRP is an autologous product of blood, you don’t stand a chance of risk from immunological reactions or disease transfer. 


PRP is still more of experimental therapy, so you should proceed only if the doctor suggests the same after checking out all possible permutation and combination treatment options. So discuss closely with your doctor and know about the risks and possible benefits before acknowledging to proceed. Also, ensure that the doctor has the training and experience to push the injection accurately