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Bumpers are called bumpers for a reason – they get hit and they are made to take the hits over time. Sure they get damage and wear over time and repairing it should be a quick solution, right? Well after some time, it might be a good idea to replace the bumper rather than repair it. To help you out, here are some examples of when you should get a new car bumper instead of repairing it.

Lots of Paint Damage

It is best to replace the bumper with new Benz parts (especially if you own a Benz) if you notice major paint damage on it. Chipped paint and lots of scratches on the bumper are normal, but seeing a noticeable amount of it might be a sign to replace it. While you could have minor scratches repaired and have some paint parts fixed, it is wiser to replace the bumper entirely if there is too much damage. Trying to pair all the damaged parts can be costly, so overall it might be more cost-efficient for you to buy brand new Benz parts.

A Cracked Bumper

If you got a cracked bumper, it will not absorb the force of impact as well as it used to. If you have minor cracks on it, you could probably use a fiberglass repair kit and epoxy to fix small problems but a huge crack or several cracks on your bumper are not worth fixing. It will not guarantee that your bumper can take the same impact as it used to and it can be a waste of time if there is a lot of damage on the bumper. If you got several cracks or one huge crack on the bumper, it is time to get a new one.

Broken or Damaged Bumper Hooks

Bumper hooks are an important part of the bumper because they keep the bumper on your car – they hook onto the splash guard, grill and valance panel to adhere the bumper to your car and do its job. Sometimes, bumper hooks get damaged or broken when you hit your bumper on something and the force of the impact could damage it. The damage can cause it to fully come off or fall down. However the bumper hooks are no quick fix because they cannot be fixed – when the bumper hooks are damaged or broken, you have to buy a new bumper for your car.

Widespread Denting

A dent on your bumper is normal, however, it might be concentrated on one part because you hit something lightly such as a pole. If the dent is several inches wide and begins to spread across the bumper or you have several dents in one part of the bumper overlapping them, dent repair will not be a solution. It is best to get a new bumper to replace this dented one because the repairs will not be worth your while.

Bumpers are meant to take a few hits, but you should know when to replace your bumper. Listen to the advice about to know when you should buy a new bumper instead of repairing it. If you decide to replace your bumper, make sure you only get your Mercedes parts from reputable suppliers.
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