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When you buy a dress for the flower girl, you would like to buy a dress that not only looks good but is stylish. Buying the latest trending flower girl dresses would help the little princess stand out at the wedding. It also helps to create a style statement enhancing the overall beauty of the occasion. Here are a few trending flower girl dresses, that you can consider.

Floral dresses

What better dress for a flower girl to wear than one with florals on it. A dress with floral designs is apt for a flower girl to wear. These dresses would have floral design work on it. It could be in the form of beads or ribbons or the flowers could be a part of the dress. In either way, this dress that is apt for a flower girl is trending.

Sleeved dresses

Considering the age of the girls, it would suit them best to wear a dress with sleeves. Quarter sleeve or even half-sleeved dress would help the girl look demure and also suits their age and occasion. It is an appropriate dress for a little girl to wear and is also a trending dress that can be considered when you buy the dress for your flower girl.


A cute dress with a sash makes the flower girl look cute and attractive. The sash adds color to the white dress worn by the flower girl. It is a trending dress option to consider. A pink sash is of course ideal for a little girl. You can even match the sash color with the color of the bridesmaid dress. This would help to create a nice visual effect.

Layered dress

A layered or tiered dress is fashionable. It is a trendy dress to consider while buying a dress for your flower girl. The tiered dress is a skirt, which has multiple layers of fabric on the skirt. This adds a volume effect to the skirt making it look grand in appearance. The dress helps to create a princess-like effect for your flower girl.


While white is the common and most popular color, there is no hard and fast rule that only white dresses have to be worn. When bridesmaids can consider colorful dresses, there is no reason why your flower girl can’t select a colorful dress to wear.

The little angels would look even prettier with a colored dress using pastel colors. It adds color and style to the occasion. Pink is, of course, the most popular color for girls. Shades of green and yellow like mint green and lemon yellow are in the vogue.

When the pastel color dress style is used in layered dresses, it creates a great effect, making the little girl look like a Disney princess.


While buying a dress for the flower girl, you can consider the latest trending dresses. The dresses in vogue would be stylish and would create an excellent look for the girl and enhance the overall look of the occasion.