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Sharing gifts among friends, family, and loved ones is one of the biggest things that is followed in the Arabic culture. The Arabic language has two different words for the term ‘gift’ which has two different meanings.

The first one is ‘Hadieh’ which means the kind of gift people give during the time of Eid, birthdays, or any celebration of a life event.

The second one is ‘Hiba’ which means that you give from the core of your heart and soul just like a donation or a sponsorship, or a sacrifice. has various gifts that are commonly exchanged in the Arabian community. Here, I have listed some items that would accomplish the fashion of sharing a gift Arabic people carry on.

Here are Some Lovable Gifts

1.   Shahada Ring

The word Shahada means the Muslim profession of faith. You can get somebody a ring that has the Shahada printed on it.

This is a greatly valued gift to a person who is religious and thus a gift Arabian men or women would love to have.

2.   Allah locket

This is a very elegant kind of jewellery that can be gifted to both men and women during an occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, or Eid.

It is usually made of gold and this pendant is considered to be a lucky charm. This can be worn anywhere as Allah is everywhere with you. It also will increase the beauty of your outfit.

3.   Bismillah cuff

This is like a bracelet usually made of stainless steel. This has the word Bismillah printed on it which means “in the name of God.” This is an invocation used by Muslim people while beginning an undertaking.

So, this can be a very special gift Arabian men would be overjoyed for, because of their unconditional devotion to the lord or Allah.

4.   Jhoomer

Jhoomer is a headpiece usually put on by an Arabian bride when she is getting dressed up in a complete traditional attire.

This is one of the most attractive things to put on. If you are a traditional woman this is something you would love to see on your head.

5.   Ayatul Kursi Necklace

Ayat al-Kursi is a very strong ayahs in the Quran. The power of Allah is believed to be confirmed when it is recited.

An Ayatul Kursi necklace is worn as it serves as a reminder to recite the marvelous verse every day to get blessed by the Almighty. Therefore, this can be a very useful and memorable gift to an Arabian person.

Concluding Part has an amazing collection of such beautiful gifts or ‘Hadieh’ that can make your friendship or a relationship stronger than ever before.

Visit the site for more such amazing gifts and bring people closer to your heart.