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Gone are the days when playing rummy meant one had to look for cards, people to play with, a nice place to settle down and get into the mood. In the kind of fast-paced life that we inhabit, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain such playing habits. But, new-age problems have their new-age solutions as well. Now, it’s possible to play Rummy online, even win cash. Cash rummy online can easily be played on online platforms these days and even come in the form of apps for smartphones.

Rummy is a fairly easy game to play for beginners, but it takes years to master every aspect of it. So, people from all age groups can enjoy a game of rummy. Apart from that, one can also play Rummy for cash when they have gained some experience and earn through their expertise. The Rummy game apps also let people play the game from wherever they want – at home, during work breaks, on holidays and even during commuting.

Steps to start playing rummy online


  • Download App:

Many apps are available online that make playing rummy on smartphones easy. They are available both on Android and IOS platforms. One just has to go rummy download from the app store after which there is generally a simple registration process. Once that is done, the rummy game is on our fingertips.

  • Know the Rules:

The next step to playing rummy online is to get familiar with the basic rules of the game. Generally, players are given 13 cards each while the rest are kept face-down in a pile and called the ‘Closed Deck’, from which players can draw a card during their turn. A Joker card is selected at the beginning of the game. This card may be used as a replacement for other cards to make an Impure Sequence. The goal of the game is to get rid of one’s hand of cards as soon as possible by putting them in sets or sequences. The one who finishes their hand first and declares, wins. Others get points according to the number of cards they have at hand.

  • Practice Free Games

Rummy needs a lot of patience and training in looking for patterns. Observation skills to keep a track of what the opponents are doing and an ability to strategize accordingly are also highly valued skills to know when playing rummy. Especially cash rummy online needs players to have a solid base of these techniques. Therefore it is best to practice free games and brush up one’s strategizing skills before getting fully into playing cash rummy online.


Playing cash rummy online needs players to get a little familiar with the game first. But, if one follows these basic steps, it is very easy to start. The relaxing and de-stressing effects of rummy are highly useful in this day and age, and these online playing apps have really made it an accessible option for everyone to indulge in.