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SEO in 2022 is all about user experiences. Whether your target users access your website via their desktops or smartphones – you need to deliver high-quality user experiences. What do we mean by “high-quality” user experiences? According to Google’s newest rankings factors, user experiences on websites are ranked on three criteria. The first is loading speed. How long does it take for the heaviest design elements on your web pages to load? The faster your website loads videos, HD graphics, etc., the better it’s rank on search engines. Secondly, the more elements in your website, the better. Essentially, Google wants to direct its users to websites that provide the most value. So, if your web pages feature various links, videos, articles, etc., they will be ranked higher by the search engine. Lastly, all elements on your web pages must respond to user clicks as quickly as possible. The last factor determines your website’s ease of use.

New, High-Value Content

The page loading speed will always be a critical ranking factor. But, the type of content you present on these pages is equally important. Optimizing your website’s loading speed doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t feature fresh, high-value content. If your website is full of old content, refresh them and make them relevant to 2022. Keep updating your old content and adding new content. To learn how the masters of SEO content creation take this step, click here.

Content That Meets All Types of Search Queries

Many users use Google to make voice and image searches. Your website needs to be prepared for these types of search queries. Currently, most websites are not optimized for voice and image searches. That means there’s low competition in this sector. Add long-tail keywords that people use to conduct voice searches. Add keywords, metatags, and titles to every image on your website. Visit website to see what the masters of SEO are doing to bolster their SERP rankings in 2022.