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When you’re plugged into life mode, it is really hard to get time to go out with your dog. While you have many things to do, your dog is only there at the end of the day waiting for you to come. They do not have much to do and thus need proper leisure time to keep them active. Indeed, almost 33% of pet parents rarely take their dogs out for a walk properly. Find a Better Book vet on call online to get your dog treated at home.

If you can’t commit to this, you might even consider hiring a person to take your dog out for walks. Taking dogs out for a walk regularly greatly improves their behaviour, happiness and well-being. Here are a few reasons to hit the road with your dog.

Manages Weight

According to a common study, a lot of dogs are overweight. The reason might be that a lot of them are under walked. You must make sure that your dog gets a regular walk to keep them in good shape. They must be active for their well-being. Being overweight leads to many other kinds of diseases as well. These could be a risk of bladder cancer, skin infections, heart disease, diabetes etc. Research suggests that dogs are supposed to walk at least 4 hours a week. It also reduces anxiety. You can get a Real Home Pet Grooming Service in Bangalore to get your dog treated at home.


While taking out your dog for walks, you can also begin with their training. These walks are a perfect opportunity to curb the bad behaviour and let them practice obedience. You might frequently stop your dog on a walk and give them commands to check if they follow. Treats can be carried on the road for the training. In case you go to a park games like tug of war, fetch, frisbee etc. could be played. These games keep them active but also lets them know when they have to calm down according to your commands.

New Friends

We all meet people on the road. If your dog is lucky, they will find a companion too. Going for a walk regularly allows your dog to interact with other dogs on the road. It keeps them socially active. Dogs are highly social animal. To keep them out of loneliness and depression, this must be done.