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Consider what you will do if you found yourself stranded with a flat tire or you are out of gas in the middle of the highway! Isn’t it a big relief to learn that you have support at that time, in just a phone call away? Avail of the services of towing that can assist you any time during the day and even in the midnights, no matter where you are. Well, you need to have roadside assistance coverage otherwise, getting the assistance of an insurance company is difficult. Moreover, you can get other assistance apart from towing if you have purchased a package.

About insurance company

If you avail towing service Don Mueang [รถยก ดอนเมือง, which is the term in Thai] and pay for the tow all on your own, there are chances that your insurance company may not be informed that your car had issues. Nowadays, people tend to use their insurance companies for any kind of roadside assistance. The reason is that the insurance companies can provide the coverage or the towing service at a lower cost or for free. This is because the services are included in the policy. Therefore, chances are less that your insurance company increases your rate, instead, they will notice how often you avail the services.

Does towing affect premium

You may have come across this question, that if you use the emergency roadside services of towing, will your insurance rates increase? Well, there is no proper answer of yes or no for this question as it depends completely on the way you use it. There are some insurance companies that can allow you to avail the services of towing in order to remain proactive about your safety. Now, it depends on you, for instance, if you use it infrequently and only if there is an emergency, be certain that your insurance rates will not be affected. Whereas, if you call for jumps every day from the highway, you may possibly see a change in your insurance rates.