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Built in wardrobes have become an absolute necessity in modern homes. Choosing the closet door with the texture, color, materials, and style that complement the home’s design isn’t always easy. Whether you are planning to upgrade your home or you’re planning to sell it and want a boost to realize a higher return on your investment, the following are the current trends in closet doors.

Interior glass closet doors
There are infinite ways through which interior glass closet doors can be customized for a perfect look. Such doors infuse a clean, crisp, and contemporary look. Transparent glass allows you to add to the room’s personalization by showing off your items. On the other hand, the frosted glass would be appropriate if you are uncomfortable about fully displaying your stuff. You have the option of having the glass door fixed without visible fasteners and screws.

Mirrored closet doors
While they are not particularly a new trend, they are popular as a result of their seamless blend of style and functionality. The room’s décor reflection on the mirror makes it appear more airy and spacious. This makes them perfect for smaller spaces that require some boost. A floor-to-ceiling closet door saves you from having to invest in a separate mirror thus saving on space.

Glossy laminate doors
To attain a contemporary and ultra-chic look on your closet, invest in glossy laminate closet doors. Laminate is available in various textures, colors, patterns, and designs that make it an easy choice. Making use of white glossy laminate material for your closet door will make it easy for you to transition to future design trends. The reflective quality of the glossy finish helps you optimize your décor and colored linen. This is particularly convenient for people who like updating their interiors every once in a while.

Wood in dark solid tones
Wood has been quite common in closet spaces. While natural and sandy hues have been more common, deeper shades have started to make a comeback. These are contrasted either with a white trim or with jewel tones such as amethyst to create a sense of tranquility and ambiance. Besides, it will complement your room if you perceive it to be overly bright.

One should not feel obliged to choose a single style, rather mixing and matching two or more designs and textures is an easy way to achieve a personalized design. For instance, mirrors, frosted glass or laminate could be framed with dark-toned timber to add a dramatic twist. Be creative and make the most of your bedroom space through the above and other trends.

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