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Most people have played tennis at some point in their life. But not everyone knows about the differences between paddle and platform tennis. These two versions of the game are very different, but they both offer many benefits to those who choose to play them! In this article, we will discuss the key differences between these two games and how you can start playing either version today!

What is Paddle Tennis?

Paddle Tennis is a bit like traditional tennis, but it has some significant differences. For starters, the ball used in this game version is smaller than the one you would find on an actual court. It’s also faster moving and slightly heavier as well! To play paddle tennis, all you need to do is set up goals at each end of a court and then play! No complicated rules, just fun.

What is Platform Tennis?

Platform tennis is similar to paddle tennis in that it uses smaller balls than traditional versions of the game. However, platform tennis is played on a raised platform with a net in the middle. The key difference between paddle and platform tennis is that you can only hit the ball forward in this version of the game! This makes for some fast-paced and competitive gameplay.

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What’s the Gameplay Difference Between the Two?

Paddle Tennis is a much slower game than platform tennis. In paddle tennis, players can hit the ball in any direction, and it will still be considered valid. It makes for a more relaxed gameplay experience that is great for beginners.

On the other hand, platform tennis is all about hitting the ball forward. If you hit it backward or sideways, the ball will hit the ground and be considered a dead ball. It can make for some intense competition as players battle to keep the ball in play!

Which One Should You Play?

Both paddle and platform tennis have their own unique benefits to those who choose to play. For instance, paddlers enjoy the fact that they can use any ball when playing this version of the game. It is especially important for beginners! However, many players prefer platforms because it allows them more control over where they hit the ball. To decide which version of the game is right for you, simply consider your goals and personal preferences!

Wrapping Up

Both platform and paddle tennis are fun versions of traditional tennis that can be played competitively or just casually with friends. If you’re interested in either version of this sport, then you could always contact tennis court contractors in South Carolina! Who knows, you might just fall in love with it.