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Sellers from every niche ranging from dress shirts 2 bags and even consumer products that come packaged Ah learning of the value of allowing their customers to create their unique items. The brands are taking personalization to a whole new step via mass commute customization. The learning of the phase to elevate customer loyalty and engagement through a base of potential buyers that are die-hard fans of customized products and goods. the reason behind this is that product customization helps the brand to increase their sales using their website or to gain a certain amount of share from the retailer’s website. Beyond the element of the opportunity, it is a fact that customers who purchased customized products from that brand are more closely engaged with that company.

The proliferation of social media and online publishing is helping the wave personalization.

with the power of social networks, new styles and common trends are changing faster than they ever did. Customization gives the companies an insight into the designs and helps them finding them products step by step to eliminate competition. due to the feedback, from the real-time customer preference statistics companies can stay into focus while designing the products which decreases the possibility of revenue wasted. all of this points to the idea of mass customization across all spectrum of items available globally. It can be understood that all successful companies that have implemented customization follow some simple basic rules which are as follows:

  1. before creating products companies’ study about the strategic value that they hope to achieve
  2. Companies decide the level of customization they need to offer
  3. successful companies offer the consumer a very Easy and neat template of design as a starting point.
  4. Companies need to make the return process seamless seamless.

5.Assist the customers to share their creations with friends and relatives

a company in Thailand that is an expert at customization of clothes and other essentials 

12Tees is an all-inclusive platform that allows more freedom to customers by letting them add their unique streak to the product they’re about to purchase. The website uses complex algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide services like printed polo shirts, printing environment-friendly logos on clothes, manufacturing environment-friendly bags made from natural fibers. so, in case if you are a resident of Thailand make sure to check them out.