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In the current competitive economic environment and with rising gas prices, it is important to take all possible measures to maximize your company fleet’s efficiency. Personal GPS Tracking Devices are an excellent way to increase your fleet’s productivity and efficiency by decreasing fuel consumption, standardizing maintenance costs, closely tracking the progress of inventory transfer, improving employee safety and safe driving and tracking company vehicles if stolen.

What is a Personal GPS Tracking Device?

A personal GPS tracking device is a computerized device placed in a vehicle which tracks its location at rest and when in motion.

How do Personal GPS Tracking Devices Work?

Personal GPS Tracking Devices gather all data concerning a vehicle’s location, route and speed in real time using GPS technology and sends this information to a central processing location for access by company management.

Benefits of a Personal GPS Tracking Device in Fleet Vehicles

  • Tracking Inventory

A GPS system allows for tracking of the transfer of inventory in real time and the ability to inform your customer of a much more exact estimated time of delivery.

It also allows for up to the minute route information exchange with shipping and receiving personnel and customers.

  • Decreasing Fuel Consumption and Costs

The most efficient and most direct routes for your drivers are mapped out with a GPS system with real-time traffic and weather updates to help reduce detours and excess fuel consumption.

A complete record is also kept of the time spent at a job site and in transit to ensure workers do not deviate from the assigned route.

Since employees know that they are always being tracked, there is a disincentive for them to be untruthful about their location or route or to run personal errands on company time.

  • Improving Employee Safety

Company vehicles can always be located in the field and so if communication with workers is lost, help can be sent to the vehicle’s location.

  •  Monitoring Vehicle Speed and Safety  

GPS monitoring of the speed of company vehicles reduces reckless driving and ensures safe driving and adherence to speed limits.

This additional GPS tracking of company vehicles also usually is a factor in reducing company vehicle fleet insurance rates.

  • Standardizing Vehicle Maintenance Costs and Enhancing Vehicle Life

All company vehicle mileage and hours of use can be entered into the GPS system vehicle analytics program to standardize maintenance and service schedules and prolong vehicle life.

This reduces redundant paperwork and helps reduce maintenance costs.

  • Tracking a Stolen Vehicle

A personal GPS tracking device hidden in a company vehicle can track a stolen vehicle’s whereabouts and assist authorities in recovering the vehicle quickly.