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It would be difficult to present your projects to partners and customers if you do not have a business portfolio. In the gardening industry, there is fierce rivalry almost everywhere. As a result, you must demonstrate to others because you are a gardener worth recruiting.

The procedure to create one is as follows:

Include samples of your work – Images, videos, and other digital displays are the most effective when it comes to gardening. You can create before-and-after albums or videotapes of your work process step by step. If your future clients visit your place for work, you can showcase your own garden in a real-life presentation format.

Make an achievement list – Every gardener faces their highs and lows, but an accomplish list is where you can brag about all of your highs. Bragging about your achievements or any extraordinary record made in your field is a must. Showing your achievements and experience will leave a lasting impression on customers. 

List your characteristics – Every specialist is better at one thing than they are at another. Mention it if your finest work is about garden design, [ออกแบบสวน which is the term in thai], lawn maintenance, or something else. This will help the customers in understandding why they should recruit you in the first place.

Make it more appealing and attractive – Keep your portfolio clean and polished, with hardcover editions, if your portfolio comes out to be a large file or notebook of pictures and lists. It should be written in a way that is simple to read and understand.

Add your reviews and Client feedbacks – Without at least a few reviews from former customers, no portfolio is full. If anyone liked the outcome of your efforts, kindly request a review. You can also provide references from competitions and other experts in this section if you have any.