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Big city, it’s amazing to either have the chance to be born in a big city or having to be moved to a big city. Although, there are a lot of ups but that is also followed by some downs created by our own selves. How do you get from a position A or position B? How to fit into this fast moving pace! It could be an amazing feeling followed by a roller coaster of feelings. You can feel excited, exhilarated, full of freedom and a pathway to unless opportunities but it can also be followed by being scared, nervous, frustrated and simply….lost, literally. What do you do? Go where the wind blows or where the sun shines? Start reading boards around, if it’s in a foreign language then you are screwed or you ask people around pretending you are new to the city? What do you do? Call someone? How does that help?

There were life hacks, then kitchen hacks and now there are street hacks…

1- Live at the heart of the city- If it’s about moving there permanently or temporary, move to somewhere which is a happening place. Not where all the smoke is and deoxygenated air circulates. Where you can be just like the people around and get to know about either the surroundings, neighbors, the locals in particular. Where you can sight see a lot, eat all kinds of the cultural food. Where you can easily move about to the other parts of the city with no difficulty. First start by seeing what your city holds and then you can branch out. Make things easier for yourself so you can always track back home.

2- Do some research or keep a guidebook- Before these modern times everyone would advise you to keep a guidebook whenever you are on the move. Usually, if or when lost, we end up asking people around us about where we are and how to get to where we want to go. Which sometimes gets lost in translation and we end up in an even puzzled situation than before. Guidebook, although very useful when understandable yet just too slow for everyone’s flow. The modern times ask for new techniques which gets us to the point of how GPS has saved our lives and how important it actually is to have. From knowing the streets name to where you are and where you got to go. Some of the choices of must have GPS systems are Live View GPS, can also guide businesses into helping them manage company’s vehicles, monitor assets and equipment’s. Magellan RoadMate, provides lifetime of map updates and a balance of all information required. Frotcom, cleverly tracks fleet along with monitoring everything.

3- Plan it out-
As much adventures are fun, planning things ahead gives an easiness throughout the journey. Make life easy for yourself, if you aren’t much of a planner, just think it through once. Planning means of keeping notice of all variables that can take place. Any emergencies or changes. It’s a big city, anything can happen. You don’t want to be wasting time either as time is the prime thing in a big city, as you can tell when rush hour happens, which you should avoid as well, as being around as many people is not something you want right now. Either brain should memorize the directions and just chill.

4- Be human- Everyone is living life and doing what you do throughout the day, not exactly in that order but you get the point. So just live it out. Whether there are different race of people or in large numbers, they all are like you. You should get on that train of life and just relax and live life like the rest of us. Come to the fun side.

5- It’s okay to be alone- When you are in a big city and with no friends, there are two types of reactions from two types of people. People who are social and who like being alone. If you have no friends and just can’t comprehend about doing something by yourself, you should try going to a restaurant with a book, take yourself out, dance alone in a club. Surround yourself around greens, breathe fresh. Walk around alone and you’ll end up paying more attention to the surroundings. Who knows you might discover something new.