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When designing a home most of the focus of the home owners lies with what type of electronic appliances should one get and where to place them. But it is a fact that little to no thought is given towards buying the best quality plugs and sockets. Plug ( ปลั๊ก พ่วง ,which is the term in Thai) acts as the first line of defense when there is some kind of voltage surges or fluctuations going on. Plugs prevent extra voltages of current from passing through it so that your electronic appliances remain safe as long as possible. Thus while buying electric supplies for home it is really important to choose the best quality plugs and sockets in the first place.

Understand the requirements plugs and sockets must fulfill

But before you go on to buy mediocre plugs and sockets from thearket you need to know what makes a good quality plug and socket. Firstly it should withstand voltage fluctuations and surge. Then they should also be spark proof as well. Then you should look into which materials the plugs are made. Like if it’s made up of PVC it is much more likely to catch fire than other plastic material like AVC and all. Another important thing to remember here is that you need to have plugs that are water resistant so that even in case some one with wet hands touches the plug they do not feel any shock. So now that you know what makes up the best quality plugs and sockets you should also concentrate on the brand as well.

Buy plugs and sockets from data trust power company

In Thailand there is only one brand that could provide you with the best quality plug that is data trust power company. Data’s power plug ( ปลั๊กไฟ ดาต้า , which is the term in Thai) comes with all the checks on the qualities above and they also provide you with a wide range from which you can choose the color the designs as well. To know more about data trust power company and to view the wide range of plugs and sockets from the house of Data, do visit their official website and order online.