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Lighting is a crucial factor in your home interiors. You should always ensure that every part of your home is well-lit. Although people focus on interior home lighting ideas, they often ignore outdoor lighting. This includes the backyard. When designing your home, you should pay attention to the backyard lighting as well. This space is considered important because you can use it to host parties, family gatherings, and various other activities. Without proper lighting, you will not be able to use this space properly. There are many home lighting ideas you can use in your backyard. If you are not sure about which lighting fixtures you should install, mentioned below are a few:

01 of 04 String lighting

You can string lighting to create a rustic ambiance in your house design. These lights are considered great for decorating your backyard because they emit a low-voltage and mellow light, which helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As a result, your guests feel more comfortable and welcome. Also, you do not have to worry about installation. You just have to suspend around the seating area to create a well-lit and appealing seating space.

When choosing string lights for the backyard, you should be careful and not make any choices randomly. The best option you can opt for is rechargeable and waterproof string lights that can be powered using batteries or solar panels. This type of light will eliminate the need for an extension cord in your backyard. Moreover, you can install them almost anywhere without worrying about access to electrical outlets. During rain, you do not have to worry about removing it as well.

02 of 04 Wall lighting

Just like the indoors, this home lighting idea is necessary for your backyard as well. You can opt for low-voltage lighting for this purpose. There are two benefits of doing so. While the first one is safety, the second benefit is the aesthetic appeal. This type of light will help to illuminate all the places that are not clearly visible in the backyard and improve navigation. Popular places for installing wall lighting are around the sunken seating areas, above stairways, pool, and all the low-lying areas.

Opt for wall sconces with an open-base design to properly light up the recessed areas. Semi-flush mount sconces are best suited for exterior walls where limited space is available.

03 of 04 Lanterns

Lanterns are very popularly used for lighting up outdoor garden ideas or backyard ideas. This type of light is preferred because it has a soft and warm glow that makes the place very appealing. People commonly use this low-voltage lighting for accentuating architectural details in the backyard.

Most lanterns are semi-flush mounts that come with a metal and glass exterior. The exterior body stays attached to an arm that is installed on the wall. You can install them near your backdoor. Also, tabletop lanterns are a great option for accentuating your backyard seating space. You choose the ones that run on batteries as well to avoid clutter caused by wires in your house design. They have the same glow like the ones that operate on electricity. You can just place them on tables for illuminating the space when serving snacks or dinner. According to experts, you should consider avoiding clear glass lanterns. Instead, use translucent lanterns for the backyard. This will help to create a diffused and glare-free lighting setup.

04 of 04 Security lighting

If you are choosing a lighting setup for your outdoor garden idea, you should consider security lighting as well. Security lighting is essential in the backyard to avoid burglary and theft. This type of light is very bright and keeps the entire space illuminated. As a result, burglars usually do not target the resident. If you are buying security lighting, you should always choose options that have a 120-volt current. Also, it is very important that you position it at the right spot. Experts always suggest installing it in elevated areas. After installation, make sure that the light is focusing on the backyard door and walkways.

When buying outdoor lighting for security, motion-detecting flood lights are one the best options. Mount them in a place from where the entire backyard can be clearly illuminated. Get a model that comes with three bulbs so that the light becomes even brighter. Hence, whenever someone enters the premises and the motion detectors detect some motion, all the lights turn on and the homeowner gets alerted.