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Lazada Singapore! Buy Pet Food & Accessories on Discount

Pet owners are conscious about the feed of their pets. It is essential to give well-balanced and right amount of food for the well-being and healthy growth of pets. In order to understand the type and amount of food, first you know the nutritional need and changes in these requirements. If you have brought home a puppy, it does not mean to give meat all the time. Basically, dog is included in the mammalian group and has the dietary requirements, similar to the animals of this group. If you are hesitant about the food selection, use Lazada voucher to get the pet food and relevant pet accessories with great markdown.

A dog has ability to fulfill the dietary requirements by taking the animal food and plant. Even if dogs are given a balanced vegetarian food, they can grow well. Contrarily, unbalanced meat based diet cannot fulfill the nutritional needs. In other words, a well-balanced diet must contain the right amount of fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. These are necessary components for development and maintaining the tissues. Always remember, the amount of components differ according to life phase of a dog that is puppy, teenager, mature, expecting and senior. Lazada Singapore offers dry food, wet food, frozen food, cookies, snacks, biscuits, dental chews, milk replacers, beef sticks, chicken flavor toothbrush chews and many other items appropriate for different age groups.


Cooked or Raw Food

It is observed that domestic dogs can digest the cooked food. Even the complicated carbohydrates can be given once the food is well cooked. In fact, raw diet is not suitable for dogs and the people in the surrounding. It gives way to serious diseases.

Ways to Select Right Food

Dog food is based on 6 essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water. The companies, making pet food follow the AAFCO guidelines regarding the nutritional contents, so it is better to order the natural and hygienic food online and keep your pet healthy.

While choosing the pet food, do not compromise on the quality of food. If you check the nutrition label of low priced food and premium food, you will be surprised that both carry the same nutrients. The real difference can be observed when the source and quality of ingredients is checked. It is possible two food companies have same protein level (27%); however the disparity can be viewed when you compare the digestibility feature.

It is true that food ingredients in packed food are mentioned according to weight order. The items are weighed when these are mixed in the food batch. Some ingredients like meat contain excess of water which is evaporated during processing, so the pet cannot get the required nutrients. On the other hand, a dry diet based on corns can be nutritionally better than the meat based food.

Receive Lazada voucher and pick the quality based pet food on reasonable rate. Moreover, the pet owners are given access to choose the luxurious pet accessories like Winter Bed, Travel Water Bottle, Training Pee Pads, Pet Hair Trimming Kit, Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl, Cooling Pad and Dog Toys.