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Floors are one of the main features in decorating any home, in addition to offices or commercial establishments. Usually, the floors must have durability. This is why you should make sure you choose the type of product that you will love, in addition to the one you will use for many years in the future to come.


First of all, one of the factors to consider when choosing an apartment is to plan the purchase of these, considering the type of traffic that will travel through the room, office or establishment. For example, a family room that several people use daily may require a different type of floor than a dining area.

Another of the main characteristics to consider in the selection of floor is the cost factor. This is an essential factor for most home or office owners. The cost, not only in terms of the price of wood look vinyl floor (ราคา กระเบื้อง ยาง ลายไม, which is the term in Thai) but also the quality, service, etc. It would not be the same as a floor that comes out at a very low price, but in a short time, it is time to change it or repair it, or pay a little more for better quality, and has more excellent long-term durability.


Today, the floors offer many design options, for all tastes. If you like the stone look, but the price does not suit you, vinyl or PVC floors and laminate floors are made to mimic the natural stone floor. As well as different types of wood, marbles, etc. Laminate and vinyl or PVC floors are two types of floors that are made to be replacements of real wood.