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Successful freshwater fishing is not only about catching a large number of fishes, it is a lot more about the act itself and the surreal experience that it beholds. The same goes for when you plan to go fishing in the enchanting lakes of Thailand.  Being a 100% stress relieving activity, the trip will bring you even close to Mother Nature and ensure that your time is spent in a rewarding way. 

Do’s For Responsible Fishing 

There certain essential do’s that one must follow for Thailand fishing trip, and these are explained below: 

  • Do go with the flow, as there are several elements with fishing that remain unpredictable. For instance, the weather or even the fishes there are many aspects that might affect your experience, yet always remember going with the flow will ensure that you have a good time no matter what. 
  • Do go for the popular fishing spots of Thailand. Being the hotspot for freshwater fishing, there are tons of places that attract tourists from different parts of the world. 
  • Do give ample room for other anglers who are trying to catch fishes at the same spot along with you. 

Don’ts For Responsible Fishing 

Apart from the do’s there are a few things that should be avoided for an enjoyable fishing experience and these are:

  • Don’t overlook the importance of patience. Just one or two fruitless catches doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never have the best catch. 
  • Don’t cause waves, as this not only disrupts the anglers who are fishing already but also the noise can alert the fishes who are swimming nearby. 
  • Don’t make a mess and take measures to always keep it clean throughout the fishing trip. Never throw trash and do your bit to save the environment. 

There you have it, these three simple do’s and don’ts are all that you need for an unforgettable fishing experience.