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Regardless of the reason of divorce most of the people go through various negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, confusion, etc. and often it takes years to come out of the shock. But divorce with child custody need to be deal with patience and maturity for the best interest of the kids otherwise it might have an adverse impact on the psychology of the child which will eventually hamper his/her future and career. Most of the reputed law firms such as Manassas Law Firm with their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of child custody law assist their clients to get favorable outcome avoiding disputes as much as possible.

Understand your rights

Before filing for child custody try to be well informed about your rights and limitations hence seek the help of professionals who will empower you with essential terminology, custody procedure and possible outcomes and will provide comprehensive support throughout the legal proceeding. Some of the common types of child custody are

  • Legal custody- After separation, if one parent wants the sole authority to take all legal decision regarding child’s welfare and growth such as education, healthcare, religion, etc. then the parent has to apply for sole legal custody. On the other hand, if both parents agree to take a legal decision together, then both can go for joint legal custody.
  • Physical custody- Physical custody refers to the maximum amount of time a child will spend with or live with one parent. In sole physical custody though the child will stay with one parent the non-custodial parent will have visitation right. But if both parents want to spend an equal amount of time with their kids, then they can file for joint physical custody.

Choose the best professional

Every parent wants to give best to their child and enjoy their kid’s company hence when choosing the child custody attorney do some research about the experience, approach, success rate, performance, etc. and then take right decision as your future and happiness largely depend on the expertise of your attorney.