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It is a universally known fact that fishing is one of those sports and activities that allows people to have the best of times with themselves and their families. This is one of those aspects of this activity because of which people like to have an entire set of fishing holidays for them. This is where countries like Thailand have excelled the most by providing some of the best regions and places for fishing to the people and tourists. Going to a Thailand fishing resort can be one of the best decisions one can make for these holidays. Here are some of the different styles of fishing that can be tried on these leisure days.


This is the most common fishing technique. It deploys the use of a hook that is attached to a string line to catch the fish. It is one of those techniques, the image of which comes to mind, as the word fishing goes across it. It is done with the help of bait as well as a sinker that is attached to the hook. This style can be pursued onshore, boat or any other still place very easily.

Fishing on the bottom

This is one of the angling techniques that basically refer to getting the fishes from the bottom of the seabed. It is used for catching fishes that come under the category of groundfish like crappie, suckerfish, and catfish. It requires adding additional weight on the end of the rods.


This is one of the prime fishing sports techniques. It involves the use of a flexible rod of fishing that can enable throwing the line, long enough into the water. It is a kind of sport that sometimes doesn’t even rely on getting a fish and instead focuses on the distance mark one is able to achieve.