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Master Nanak was a profound pioneer who established the Sikh religion. The Guru was an advanced scholar and he didn’t have confidence in the hypotheses of both Islam and Hinduism. He supported a center way and another rationality that depended on reason and sense and not on dazzle convictions.

Nanak ventured to every part of the length and expansiveness of India and amid his movements went to the far east ( Assam) and furthermore Rameshwaram in the south. The greater part of his movements are recorded to a surviving, however clearly with the progression of time some of his visits have gone up against a beautiful tint, that may not be 100% genuine. There are numerous supernatural occurrences ascribed to him, however not every one of them can be confirmed.

However, antiquarians do trust that he went by Mecca. He is accounted for to have set out to Mecca by the ocean course. A great deal numerous individuals ask concerning how could Nanak could visit Mecca as he was a non-Moslem. However, the truth of the matter is that a great deal numerous individuals who were non-Moslems visited Mecca. Likewise Nanak went in the attire of a Fakir with his friend Mardana and there is each shot, that the Moslems took him to be one of them and did not trouble.

There is a marvel credited to Nanak while he was at mecca. It creates the impression that he rested with his feet pointing towards the Kaaba. This maddened a cleric who requested that Nanak dismiss his feet. Nanak answered that as he was worn out, he would be thankful on the off chance that the cleric helped him, by dismissing his feet to another bearing. The cleric lifted up Nank’s feet and turned them around. Be that as it may, lo and view the kaaba likewise handed over the heading of Nanaks feet. This inspired the cleric who understood the enormity of Nanak.

There is no recorded proof to substantiate this marvel. However, maybe the marvel has a lesson as Nanak simply needed to bring up that God is all over the place and not exactly at the Kaaba. Nanak after this visit to Mecca made a trip to Baghdad and Turkey. There is prove accessible at Istanbul in the state of a pilar around 6′ wide and 15′ tall. The content on it is deciphered and it recounts an Eastern holy person named Nanak who went by Istanbul. In this manner in the event that Nanak could visit Istanbul, he should have exceptionally well gone to Mecca.