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A Custom leather Holsters that is used to hold a handgun is known as a holster. The holsters are available in different sizes and materials according to the need. They are made up of various materials, one of which is leather. Leather is considered one of the best materials to make holsters because of its quality and capability to last longer than any other material. The holster is a very convenient device. It not only allows easy access to the handgun, immediately when required but also keeps it safe in it. there are different types of holsters. They are designed in a particular way that is supposed to be comfortable because, in the end, it is a handgun we are talking of. Design is a must. Not just for show but safety measures as well. There are different types of leather holsters as well.

How is it made?

Different companies use different raw materials to customize these holsters. Some of them use animals or animal skin like a crocodile, ostrich leg, shark, stingray, etc., whereas some of them use vegetable tan, different types of trees and plants, etc. The customized leather holsters are modified very effectively, with high quality to ensure durability and extra safety. So, who wouldn’t want a customized leather holster that comes with so many advantages?

Leather is a traditional material and is considered a benchmark. Leather holsters provide added worth by being highly durable. They can last a lifetime and are easy to repair and require very little maintenance. Another advantage of leather is the comfort that it provides. The material has a natural tendency to mold to the shape of the gun, whether it is a double shoulder, single shoulder, hunting shoulder, or exotic skin shoulder holster, leather stands out for the comfort it offers. Also, it can be easily embossed with designs and could be dyed in various colors

Different types of custom-made holsters

  1. Inside the waistband holster: this holster is designed to give a shooter good concealability. It sits on the inside of the shooter’s pants. These holsters are easy to carry. 
  2. Outside the waistband holster: this holster is positioned on the outside of a person’s waistband. It can be carried out in various positions. Gun from this holster is easily accessible. 
  3. Pocket leather holster: these holsters are ultra-concealable. Self-defending shooters can choose these pocket leather holsters. It is best suited for them. So, it can be the gun, pistol, or any other firearm.  
  4. Shoulder holsters: shoulders holsters are usually made up of leather. Full-size pistols can be fitted in these holsters.  
  5. Leg or Ankle Holster: This holster is used as a backup weapon. It has soft adjustable straps. It is made up of different materials, but leather is the most used material. Leather s used to avoid rigidity keeping in mind the comfort of the shooter.
  6. Bag or purse holster: this is a basic type off-body carry holster. It is convenient and comfortable to carry and use. This holster is best suited for self-defenders.