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Volvo XC60 Personal Lease have always been a symbol of social status, signifying wealth and influence. However, under certain conditions, these legendary vehicles known for classy design, comfort and reliability are no longer restricted to the wealthy alone. If you want to know what these conditions are, keep on reading!

Motability Charity

A long time ago, in 1977, the UK government established a flexible charity scheme for persons who have impaired mobility, called Motability. Previously, such unfortunate individuals were restricted to vehicles regulated and issued by the government. With a Motability scheme, the government removes itself from an active role into a one that is merely facilitating and regulating. It achieves this by giving an ‘allowance’ instead of concerning itself with specific vehicle types.

Organically, this opened up doors for the banks and Volvo XC60 Used Cars dealerships, with the government there just as a supervising actor that sets the rules. Essentially, in order to be eligible for a Motability allowance you need to have:

  1. DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
  2. AFIP (War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement or an Armed Forces Independence Payment)
  3. PIP (Personal Independence Payment)

Currently, there are over half a million participants in the Motability Charity scheme. Regarding the last one – PIP – keep in mind that it was introduced in 2013 with the goal of replacing DLA. Furthermore, another important requirement is that you have been a beneficiary of any of the three programs for at least one year.

Overall, the rules laid out are quite transparent and easy to understand, and once you satisfy these requirements you are all set to go for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle!

How to Get a Mercedez-Benz Car?

To have as few hassles as possible, it would be wise to visit an established and reputable car provider. One that fits this description more than most is the Sandown Group, headquartered in the UK. They have been around for over 30 years, and offer a full spectrum of Mercedez-Benz vehicles.

Specifically, Sandown fleet has 16 types of Mercedez-Benz vehicles overall, and 5 types under the Motability program, the Mercedes Benz Motability.

Currently, the Sandown Group is dispersed throughout the UK at the following locations:

  1. Basingstoke
  2. Dorchester
  3. Guildford
  4. Salisbury
  5. Poole
  6. Hindhead

All the dealerships offer either new or used cars, but visit Mercedes used cars in Hindhead for extra convenience of not suffering heavy traffic. Furthermore, the used cars on offer are thoroughly vetted and approved by an experienced team of experts who have specialized in the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Most importantly, you will notice little difference between new and used cars in terms of quality and reliability, but what you will notice is greater affordability with the latter option.

Mercedes Benz Motability

As mentioned previously, the generous and regulated Motability program will get you 5 options at the Sandown Group for the Mercedes-Benz range of vehicles:

  1. With advance payment the range is between A-Class, B-Class, CLA Coupe, and CLA Shooting Brake.
  2. With no advance payment the option is the GLA-Class.

Be sure to explore all the options that are most suited to your needs at the Sandown Group website. At any rate, here is the rundown of all the benefits you can expect at the time of writing:

  1. Free disability adjustment of the selected vehicle.
  2. Free tyre and windscreen adjustment.
  3. Car tax coverage on an annual basis.
  4. The ability to get a new Motability car every three years, with up to 60,000 mileage.
  5. RAC coverage for assistance, maintenance, and service.
  6. The insurance coverage for up to two drivers, with an addition of a third one for a negligible fee.

In Conclusion

Disability can be a hard burden to overcome, but affording a premium class of vehicle, specifically adjusted to your condition, can certainly help to assuage the body and brighten the mind.