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It is a very common trend for students to move out of their native place after graduation. There are multiple reasons for this trend. One of the major reasons is the employment factor. Students leave their place in search of better jobs. Others leave their place for higher education because their present place might not be serving the purpose. 

There are many other reasons too like they might not be happy with the services provided in their current locality and maybe they are looking for more exposure. If are considering moving out of your current place, then this article is for you because we will be covering the best Tallahassee neighbourhoods to move to. 

Before talking about the neighbourhoods, it is best that we also cover one of the major concerns of the people who move from one place to another, that is, the concern of moving their vehicle. You love your vehicle which is why you are considering moving it from one place to another. 

However, it is easy said than done. There are many complications involved in moving a vehicle from one location to another. There are many good neighbourhoods in Tallahassee to move into and here, you must hire someone who can move your vehicle. Ship a Car, Inc top-rated vehicle shipping and heavy haul transport expert. 

They have been in the business for more than 30 years and their experience in executing the tasks with ease is mind-blowing. They understand that your vehicle is beloved to you, which is why you are shipping it. they take great care and caution which shipping your vehicles. Their services include shipping to and from any residential or business location. 

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You can even assess their services by the reviews of their services on their feedback page which is a testament to their expert services in the field. 

Best neighbourhoods in Tallahassee 

In 1843, Tallahassee was selected as the state capital of Florida. Some of the best neighbourhoods of Tallahassee are:

1- College town- Tallahassee hosts two major universities viz the Florida state university and the Florida A&M University. This area holds a lot of student crowds attracting degree seekers and young professionals. In the southern region of this area, the majority of the college students reside due to its proximity with Florida state. 

2- Northeast neighbourhoods- there are a few staple neighbourhoods in Tallahassee that have retained a positive reputation with time and one of such neighbourhoods is the northeast neighbourhood. Some of the communities included in this neighbourhood Killearn area, acres, estates and lakes. 

This area is just 20 minutes from the local universities and boasts itself as the ideal location for young couples. However, the properties and apartments in this area are more costly as compared to others. 

3- Downtown- this locality spans from E. Tennessee street to the W. St Augustine. This is the professional hub of the city and hosts many restaurants and Boutique stores. 


If your concern is shifting the vehicle, then that can be easily solved by hiring a vehicle shipper.