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Italy is often is at the top in the list of places that people wish to visit once in their life. The beautiful landscapes, architectural delights, rich with art and cultural heritage, and every possible amazing thing are present in Italy to make it a traveller’s delight. The country is filled with great cities that take you to an amazing tour that is a blend of different things. Amongst the famous tourist places in the country, Lake Como is comparatively a less famous place, but one should definitely visit it if natural bliss and solace are something your soul craves for. There are many vacation rentals near Lake Como Italy where you can have the best accommodation facilities.

While Florence, Venice, and Verona are some of the most visited places and, of course, the loved ones too, there are a few more place in Italy that is nowhere less in beauty or any other wonder than the renowned cities in the country. Lake Como is one of those places in Italy that is rising as a popular tourist destination lately. The Lake falls in the Northern Lombardy region of Italy and is overlooked by the snow-capped Rhaetian Alps. The Lake presents the shape of alphabet “Y” and is spectacular. Well, while you are on your tour to the Lake, you must visit some of the splendid cities located around the Lake. Out of many towns, we are shortlisting the best ones that you shouldn’t miss visiting at any cost.


The most beautiful town in the list, Bellagio is located in the Northern part of the Lake. The Town further divides the lake in the Southern half of the alphabet “Y.” Not only in Lake Como or Italy, but Bellagio is regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in the entire continent of Europe. One can lose in its beauty and have a panoramic view of the lake and surrounded areas. The flower lines streets look like a dreamy destination and this is why nobody ever misses visiting Bellagio while on their tour to Lake Como. Apart from the splendid beauty it offers, one should definitely enjoy “apervito” at any hotel or restaurant. The Gardens at Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi cannot be missed. They are not any random gardens, and once you visit it, your definition of the garden would change. Sit at any place, garden, or cafes; you will get the beauty in some other dimension. Make sure not to miss visiting this old grace town of Europe.


Varenna is a town that not only can be visited while travelling to Lake Como but is also accessible via train from Milan. This becomes the reason that Varenna receives tourists from all over Italy who do not intend to visit the Lake at all. The town was one a fishing village and it somewhere still holds its old age tradition. The place will add colour to your tour as all the villas and homes you will cross are painted in bright colours. Also, every home in the town has a broad walkway which is hard to find in today’s world and confined homes. The ambiance of the entire town is peaceful and romantic and one won’t find much to do here apart from having a peaceful day surrounded with unparalleled natural beauty. The very few things you can do here include visiting the garden of the Villa Monastero. You can also take up hiking to Vezio Castle and can appreciate the beauty your eyes will witness while your expedition.


Como doesn’t make into the list of loved or most visited town for the fact that it is only treated as the gateway to other towns. Travellers do visit the town but only with the motive to explore other famous towns. The place indeed holds some beautiful architecture and presents breathtaking views of the surrounded area. If you are visiting Como town, make sure to explore it further rather than taking it as a mere gateway. A list of places you can visit is the Silk Museum, 15th-century cathedral, and a lakeside promenade, the Romanesque Sant’ Abbondio, the medieval city center, and a few others.


After Bellagio, people often visit Tremezzo town as it is located directly across the town. It is more like a dreamy town and mainly famous for housing two major attractions, Villa Carlotta which is famous for its garden that has plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, Japanese maples, orchids, cacti, palm trees and nearly 500 species of plants in total. The garden is spread over 14 acres and inside the villa, you will see a lot more. The villa has a small collection of sculptures, tapestries, and paintings. The second attraction is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo which is one of the top Como’s properties. The Hotel is synonymous with luxury in every manner.


Located at the southeast part of the lake, Lecco is often overlooked by the travellers. The town though is a great place to live in and nearly 50,000 inhabitants are happily settled here. As the town is located at the end of the lake, it receives very less water which is narrowed in the form of Adda River and that flows in a small lake Garlate which is overlooked by the scenic Mount Dan Martino. The town is accessible from Milan as well.

So, these are 5 beautiful towns that one must visit while on their tour to Lake Como. There are more than you are likely to witness in terms of beauty and natural splendour.