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I am a businesswoman having my casual workplace in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but I travel a lot. Most of the business activities happen in Europe and America. So I always keep my jersey tops, blouses and shirts in the travel bag. I am a big fan of, which offers me Zalora coupon to collect all these necessities at highly discounted prices. Spending much time in Europe and American does not mean that I compromise with local Malaysian fashions. No, my wardrobe is an organized place supporting me in the warm and humid environment of Malaysia. Most women ask me about the casual and travel fashion favorable for all types of routines. I would love to recommend them some of my favorite routines.

Consider your Business Type:

Not all women require executive apparels at workplaces. Women who work at shops, stores and stalls can wear something casual. In most cases, these women wear pants, shirts and even store uniforms. Problem solved if you have a uniform. This is the best way to save money. However, if you are working at a national or multinational group then you will require sophisticated attire. is the right helping source for working women and executives. These women can explore the benefits of a Zalora coupon when upgrading the closets.

Focus on Working Environment:

Do you work in a conservative environment? You can’t go bold because of the locals. It would be better to prefer something favorable. No doubt, women wear off-the-shoulder dresses, top tanks and more but they work at elite levels. Women working in the streets and less developed cities should remember the conservative environment. This is best for easy movement and social gathering.

What If You Are Little Bold?

Women who work in an environment that favors the bold fashion should focus on the listed options.

  • Midi skirts (covering the knee).
  • Tops that don’t let your cleavage visible.
  • Stylish suits.
  • Midi-length dresses for work environment.
  • Appropriate underwear such as bras, panties and more.
  • Closed toe shoes.

Short skirts are not suitable for the corporate environments. Working women should take care of the person appearance, integrity and moral. Wearing the midi skirts or knee length skirts is a wise option. However, you can go little skinny by wearing body-fitting dresses at offices. Avoid the extra right dresses revealing your beauty assets.

Jackets and Covers:

Air conditioning systems are present at most offices and workplaces in Malaysia. I would recommend women to take advantage of this facility. They can wear the lined jackets and covers even when it is hot outside. Search the tops and jackets favorable for an air conditioned environment and buy them with Zalora coupon.

Types of Dresses To Choose And Avoid:

Hot and humid conditions are difficult to handle. However, there are suitable options present.

  • Bamboo is a cool fabric.
  • Viscose, cotton mix and linen or linen mix are also cool.

What to Avoid?

  • Low-cut tops.
  • Extra tight dresses.
  • Dresses that expose knees.