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When making a “machine,” approximating its life is an important study factor not only for ball screws but likewise for all mechanical aspects.

Life is “the time from birth to fatality;” nonetheless, for made items, it is “the period or range or number of times, the item can be utilized without troubles.”

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Then, what is the life of a ball screw?

After that, what takes place for a ball screw that reached its life? The screw shaft breaks, the nut comes off, as well as the flowing balls diminish. Nothing like that will happen.

In the screw groove of a ball screw that reached its life, a little round stress of around 0.2 mm in diameter, called matching shows up with the integrity of 10%. This is called rated life of 90%, or L-10Life.

When ten round screws with the same features are presumed, matching shows up in one. Normally, pitting will start to progressively appear in the remaining nine too. Nevertheless, the presence of pitting does not imply that the round screws will stop working; they can be utilized without problems in a whole application such as conveyance.

The pitting that appeared in the screw groove of a sphere screw grows to end up being a crack, and afterward, flaking where the screw groove is peeled off. This is similar to how problems expand on roads transited by cars. When a roadway begins breaking, small voids appear in the wheel track, as well as the pavement starts to peel like flakes from those voids. This is commonly seen in roads with heavy vehicle traffic, where the removed sections expand progressively as an outcome of the weight of trucks that is repeatedly related to the damaged parts, or powerlessness, of the roadway via the tires.

Neither ball screws nor roadway becomes unusable because they have pitting or voids. However, if asked whether “they can be used without trouble,” the answer is complicated.

Precise placing cannot be anticipated from the sphere screw, and the roadway cannot be used as an auto racing track or path.