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During summer, most girls need dresses that keep them comfortable and cool. They normally like playing on beaches or visiting various tourist destinations. if you are looking for the best dresses to surprise her, search no more. Here are top ten girls dresses that your daughter needs this summer.

  1. Maisie Dress

Maisie dresses are fit for children who are from three to thirteen years old. The dress has a daisy print design which includes a contrast color and a cap-sleeve. Also, it has an excellent lining at a zip at the back.

  1. Striped Skater Dress

If you have a child who is 14years old, you can buy them the skater dress. It has a simple and well-cut design. Besides, it allows them to perform their day-to-day tasks. The cloth has a nice cut out detail. Moreover, it comprises a light polyester fabric.

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  1. Jersey Layered Dress

Mamas and Papas’ summer collection manufactures these Jersey girls dresses. The striped t-shirt and floral skirt are limited editions. They have enticing details such as a trimmed bobble skirt and a coordinating pocket. Also, they have a comfortable feminine and playful look.

  1. Multi Stripe Maxi Dress

Kids who are more than seven years old will absolutely love this maxi dress. It is a cheery outfit that comprises a multi-colored and striped fabric. Also, it has an elastic waist. Furthermore, there is a button opening at the neck.

  1. Girl’s Ra Ra Dress

The country floral print dress comprises pure cotton. It’s appropriate for summer seasons due to its bright and comfortable nature. In addition, it has a tiered skirt and a drop waist.

  1. Wild Things Kite Dress

The Brit Pack makes the Wild Kite dress. It is a jovial kite cloth with a blue cord. When worn, it tightly wraps around a child with a silver bird look at the back.

  1. Mint Broidery Dress

At first, the Broidery dress resembles a toddler dress. However, you can get various designs that suit 13 years old children. It has an A-line fit which keeps kids cool. It has a bright color that makes it an ideal selection for summer holidays.

  1. John Lewis Sports Jersey Dress

John Lewis dresses are gaining popularity in various states. They are retro-inspired clothes that you can get in magenta or navy designs. Also, your child can wear it with denim trainers and jackets.

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