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A lot of people complain about getting visitors but negligible converts on their ecommerce stores. Whatever you are selling, whichever website provider you have used, Shopify, Wix or WordPress – it doesn’t matter. The underlying issues are still a thing.

Let us first understand the concept of converting sales is a complex journey right the way from the initial marketing and lead generation stage through to the physical clicking of complete purchase. You need to put yourselves in the shoes of the consumer and how many times you have visited websites and product pages but not bought anything. It is actually quite a lot. What factors would make you more likely to go through the procedure and put in your card details.

There are so many things to consider, the time, the delivery, the price of delivery, the amount of details to fill in. There are so many boundaries and points where the customer can drop off. So you need to have the most streamlined situation because even with everything perfect, and the desire for the product as high as possible, circumstances are still going to prevent the sale. Timing and context are crucial.

There are many intelligent systems and applications which can assist your business. Let’s talk about important ecommerce features which will help you earn more profit. Because ultimately there is a formula which can be implemented to ensure that if not that first visit, then on the return one, which you can instigate, the sale will process.

  1. Offer Free Shipping

Consider two scenarios. You are selling two products, product A and product B. Product A is being offered at $10 with $10 shipping cost while product B is being offered at $20, with free shipping. You will observe that people will be more interested in buying a product which offers free shipping.

This is more of a psychological effect as a customer feels he is already buying a product, why should he get into more complexity and pay a shipping fee too?

Therefore, try offering free shipping on your products.

  1. Discount Coupons

People love it when they receive something for free. If you start target advertisements, offering discount coupons at end of selecting a product. A person will be more likely to buy your product.

This will increase your conversion rate. Adjust the parameters of coupons in terms of applying usage and their validity.

  1. Using HD Images

You need to realize that you are marketing on an online platform and clear cut pictures are the only asset you have, in terms of showing your product.

No matter how effective vocabulary you use, if a person cannot clearly see your product, he won’t get interested in buying your product.

  1. How Fair Are Your Prices?

Maybe you are selling a product which are being sold by big business empires for same price. They already have an established business, so they will get more conversion rate.

To attract general public, you need to lower your prices. Frequently check the overall pricings so that you know what resonates with the audience.

  1. Improve Your Checkout Process

If your ecommerce checkout process revolves around a lot of red tape, you could end up with no sales, despite a customer liking your product.

The reason when a customer has liked certain goods, he quickly wants to insert his details and be done with it. Make the process too complicated and he may think it is some type of scam.

There are also plugins and ecommerce platforms which offer single page ecommerce checkout. It is recommended to try them as they are unique and newer to the market approach.

  1. Use of Cart Abandonment Software

Sometimes people are of forgetful nature. If you notice lots of people are putting goods in their cart but are not buying them, use the cart abandonment software to send them email later on.

The software works by taking email address of a customer when they first add the goods. If they forget to come to the website, you can send them an effective email telling them how they have forgotten an item and its waiting for them. The trick works, customer comes back and this improves your conversion rates.

  1. Safety and Security

There are so many ecommerce stores these days that a person sometimes mistrusts an ecommerce website.

To make customers feel safe, install SSL at checkout and on the whole website. Display security badges along with small images of PayPal and other plastic money options.