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Überwachung | Wie Facebook und Google mit unseren Daten Geld verdienen |  16.02.2022Google’s latest algorithm updates are mobile-friendly and content-focused. Google is increasingly concerned with mobile sites, which have increased in importance thanks to the rise of social media and mobile apps. However, these changes have had limited impact on overall rankings. Its RankBrain update used machine learning to help improve search results.

The algorithm update made changes to snippet length, snippet holding, and informational content. Additionally, Google released a careers portal that offers job listings from major suppliers. Another change targeted forceful pop-ups and interstitials. Google is sending rare notices about algorithm updates to its users.

Unlike other search engines, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Each year, it makes thousands of changes to the system to improve results and make search results more relevant. These updates affect a variety of factors, including on-page SEO, site credibility, and valuable links. It’s important to know what each change means for your website.

Keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates is vital for the success of your SEO campaign. Failure to react to these changes could cause your website to fall behind your competitors. By staying abreast of Google’s major algorithm updates, you can implement best practices to ensure your site is visible on the first page of search results. Moreover, you’ll be able to strategize your online marketing strategy accordingly.

The Penguin and Possum modifications were rolled out as part of the 2015 google algorithm updates. Both were developed with the intention of making search results more beneficial to local users as well as more relevant to local users. The distance ranking factors are another thing that will be improved with these revisions. Google asserts that these updates have resulted in more accurate results for local search queries. Despite this, a rollout date has never been officially confirmed by the company. Individual web pages as well as the entire websites may be impacted by the upgrades.


Google’s most recent update introduced Artificial Intelligence learning to its algorithm. Although the change was unofficial, webmasters have seen considerable variations in search results around October. As a result, the doors of some establishments had to be shut during the holiday season. Google hoped that by releasing this update, it would make it more difficult for unethical SEO tactics to achieve high search engine rankings.


Google’s Core Updates are usually rolled out several times per year. This indicates that websites that provide content that is helpful for users will be rewarded by the search engine’s rankings. The current one, known as the Helpful Content Update, rolled out on 25th August and will take at least two weeks to completely execute. The update targets unhelpful content, which is one of the reasons why more businesses are struggling to rank.


This most recent version from Google also contains an upgrade to the Panda Recovery Algorithm. It is a significant modification to the algorithm that will effect websites written in every language. This update has a predominantly positive impact on the search results for businesses; however, it also causes some websites’ rankings to slip, which can be problematic for the sites in question.